from eng. ingenuity - the ability to solve practical tasks

  • Composite materials
  • Thermoplastics
  • Additive technology
  • Metals
  • Advanced polymers
  • and more…

  • Aerodymanic
  • Hydrodynamic
  • Mechanical (strength, elasticity, stiffness)
  • Electodynamic
  • Economic
Fields of R&D

  • Medical products
  • UAV and rotor blades
  • Antenna systems and reflectors
  • Cryovacuum products
  • Protective covers and cases
Advanced materials & technologies
We strive to unlock the potential of the material in each project to the maximum
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), rotor blades
Aerodynamic calculations, design of rotor blades, manufacturing and testing of propeller groups and UAVs
Cryovacuum equipment
Producing lightweight, durable, sealed tanks for pressurized gases, liquids etc. for different applications
Medical products
Our experience allows to create
lightweight, durable, comfortable products
Housings, cases, bodies
Lightweight, waterproof and heat resistant bodies for different applications
Antennas and reflectors
Mobile and stationary products for specified frequency ranges
We ensure the implementation of the project from idea to mass production, but can also help at any functional step separately
7 project steps

  1. Compilation / audit of technical specifications
  2. Creating a strategic plan for the project. SWOT analysis
  3. Design / Virtual Testing / Industrial Design
  4. Primary technical documentation
  5. Testing to confirm the calculation hypotheses. Adjustment
  6. Experimental batch. Certification
  7. Mass production
In 2012
INGINITI was created as a technologial integrator company
53 projects
Have been implemented for 7 years
From 1 to 510
Pieces in the batch we successfully produced
5 meters
The maximum size of the manufactured product
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Phone: +7 499 705 9222
Laboratory: Moscow, Technopark Skolkovo
Project office: Moscow, MSU Science Park
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